Bree Truscott

Bree (Breanna Lee Truscott) was born on 3 September 2001 on the Gold Coast in Australia.

She is a singer, songwriter and musician and plays the violin and guitar. She has achieved this through a determination and will to succeed in the music industry despite her being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Bree showed an early love and interest in all types of music including a natural ability to read and play instruments such as the violin and guitar.

Around the age of ten she astounded her family & friends whilst at a school function singing ‘rolling in the deep’ by Adele one of her idols, stunning the audience with her power and unique tone.

From that moment her dream and desire to become a performer was born.

A few months later just before her 11th Birthday Bree was rushed to hospital and diagnosed as being in ‘diabetic ketoacidosis’ only hours away from death. A shock to her family as only days before they were told it was a simple virus.

In Bree’s own words ‘That was the day my life changed from being just a regular kid.‘

Months of recovery, acceptance and learning to live and control Type 1 Diabetes followed, through this journey and from her own diary an inspirational song about dealing with the realities of life was born.

Bree's song Brand New is a beautiful song sung by the powerful voice of a 12 year old singer called Bree.

Bree is determined not to let her illness stop her dreams and desire to pursue her love of music and to inspire others that nothing can hold you back from your dreams.


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