Dodwell Keyt

Dodwell Keyt

Dodwell Keyt

Dodwell Keyt was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka and emigrated to Australia to begin a new life with his family at the age of thirteen.

Although Dodwell has been drawing ever since he can remember, his artistic career did not commence until his work was exhibited at The Perth Street Gallery for the first time in November 1987.

Dodwell paints and draws for his own pleasure and enjoyment. He uses the human form to express and communicate his feelings and thoughts.

He also expresses his thoughts through the written word in poetry and books. By combining his talents in art and the written word, Dodwell skillfully displays works that provoke a response to his philosophy of life.

Dodwell has combined his writing skills with his keen interest in photography to create a novel concept of the popular Photobook. He photographs his subject(s) and designs a layout for the book. In addition he writes a short story about the subjects in the photographs. These stories are both interesting and unique and written to reflect the subject and the photographs. An example of his Photobook concept titled Isabella and Rusty - Queen Anne's Palace is shown below.

It is difficult to categorize Dodwell Keyt’s work, the artist describes his art as a touch of Realism combined with Contemporary and semi-Abstract styles. The underlying theme in all his works is the presence of the human form. He strips it bare to reveal the supple curves and glorious shapes of the human form.

Throughout his career he has experimented with a number of media and styles. He uses oils in most of his paintings but has used media such as watercolours, pen and ink, pastels and pencils. His styles range from minimalism to portraiture.

He has been commissioned to complete a number of paintings, drawings and portraits.

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