Reflections by Dodwell Keyt


by Dodwell Keyt & Natalie Russell

This collection of drawings & verses has evolved from a mutual appreciation of seemingly different forms of expression - & indeed two distinct sorts of people. Dodwell Keyt & Natalie Russell make the point that human emotion can be expressed in any number of art forms, & when brought together complement & enhance one another.

Isabelle and Rusty - Queen Anne's Palace by Dodwell Keyt

Isabella and Rusty - Queen Anne's Palace

by Dodwell Keyt

We talked about all manner of things. I told Rusty about the things I did and he told me the things he did.

Suddenly, Rusty became quiet for a while and then he said "I have a secret to tell you but you must promise not to tell anyone else."

"I promise not to tell your secret to anyone," I said.

"If you come closer I will whisper my secret in your ear," Rusty said, “but first you must close your eyes.”

I closed my eyes and moved very close to Rusty as he whispered his secret to me...

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