Karl Evans

Karl Evans
Karl is different, truly different. You just need to look back at his history of music to realise he’s not afraid to try something new.  In fact he revels in the challenge of it.

Born in Wales U.K. in the early 70’s he was lucky enough to have older friends who turned him onto music at an early age. Finding bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica and Megadeth at the age of 7 was the first stepping stone towards his love of music.  At this point, and not that he’d tell his ‘metal friends’  he was also falling for bands like Adam and the Ants and Duran Duran.

By the time he was 17, he found himself living in the south of England. His best friend bought him a bass guitar and he found himself  playing in a covers band called ‘Black Belt Jones’ with Friends he still has to this day.  The Chili Peppers and Pearl jam stole his heart and along with less mainstream influences like Fishbone and fIREHOSE, his lust for music was firmly in place.

His Early 20’s saw him working on original material with a slew of bands such as Savalas, which would later become Sine Star Project but the bulk of his time was spent writing, recording and touring with the rather unique line up of toupé. To this day Toupé are still together and playing, they have released 4 albums and are currently writing and recording their 5th. They have been lucky enough, through hard work, to tour the U.K., parts of America and Europe, giving Karl the playing and live skills he now uses to promote his solo material. He also started Jazz/funk/fusion/instrumental band’ Carolines Capuchin. The band have produced an album and an e.p. that Karl is extremely proud of. He constantly looks forward to the time when he can be with these guys again and create and record that elusive second album.

Karl currently lives in Victoria, Australia and has spent the majority of his time in his home studio on the Mornington Peninsula creating his latest release. A solo album consisting of songs he has in his head for many years. It is an absolute culmination of all the styles and instruments he has played over the years. Whether you like acoustic ballads, heavy bass pounding funk, country blues or dubstep, Karl has something for you.  People who have heard the music already say it doesn’t sound like anyone else... it just sounds like ‘Karl’.

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