Lynette Linden

My Journey into Patchwork and Quilting. - How it all began.
By Lynette Linden-Simpson,  August 28 2011.

It has been a long and winding road that has brought me to where I am today with my patchwork and quilting. One could say that I am relatively new to this field and yet for many years I have been on a journey of creative exploration and discovery.

I started machine sewing when I was pregnant with my son 29 years ago. My father bought me a Janome Memory 7, which at the time was a very good machine and quite advanced technologically. When Daniel was quite young I took up painting on fabric and made many a cute and colourful outfit for him.

When I was expecting my daughter I made my first quilt, it was a machine stitched and quilted crib quilt, the perfect size for her cradle. Throughout her infancy I continued dressmaking lessons and various craft classes. I explored knitting, crocheting, smocking, embroidery, tapestry and cross stitch, to name just a few of the crafts that took my interest. These also including hand patchwork and machine appliqué. My first attempts at patchwork classes were unfruitful however this did result in a fascination and appreciation for the craft.

By the time Aimee was three I took up art classes, something I persued for many years to follow. I still dabble in the occasional painting, collage or drawing from time to time. This influence shows up in some of my quilts .

About 4 ½ to 5 years ago I started to notice quilting shops. I was drawn to the colour and designs of the fabrics and started more and more to get the desire to want to create a quilt myself. I decided that hand piecing was going to take me too long and I was interested in completing a quilt, not just starting one. As a result I decided to get out my old sewing machine and do some machine patchwork and quilting. My commitment to myself was to complete one entire quilt from beginning to end. This process took me a year of regular weekly lessons, by the end of which I was hooked!

My interest has expanded beyond traditional patchwork and quilting to include art quilts. Art quilting combines various techniques that may include design, appliqué, and fabric painting as well as patchwork and quilting. I love variety so I dabble in various forms of patchwork and quilting. I attend workshops, conferences and classes on a regular basis. I love the journey and the wonderful creative, generous and loving people I meet along the way.


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