MMJ Band

Mama’s Mountain Jug Band is a three piece band, featuring 12 instruments multi-part harmonies, and a good-time feel. They play a mixture of back to roots music, old Hillbilly songs, Jug band gems, Hokum, Jazz, Blues, and that dash of Barbershop Harmonies. They have featured at the Coolart Jazz Festival and The Jamieson Jazz Festival.

There are 3 members in the band and all are multi-instrumentalists, so one is never quite sure who will pick up that loose instrument next.

Roy Carter

Front man (don’t let him tell you a joke!! – unless you are thick skinned). Roy plays Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica, Washboard, Kazoo, Jug, Vocal interruptions, and any piece of random house furniture. Roy has played in Jazz bands, Jug bands, and Folk group line-ups. He is also a solo performer.

Evan Webb

Providing that distinctive slide Dobro sound, Evan also plays Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Harmonica, Vocal interruptions, and occasional piano (as long as he doesn’t have to carry it in!). Evan also plays in an Australian/Irish band, and has played in many bush bands and even a rock & roll band.

Keith Rea

On Guitar and Bass, at the same time, he's the rhythm backbone that drives the band, with stunning guitar solos when let loose. Keith also plays mandolin and vocal interruptions. Keith will admit to owning a kazoo if hard pressed! He plays in several other bands, a contemporary duo - 'The Incident', and a 5 piece classic covers band - 'Men In Black'.

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