Phil Barlow

Phil Barlow
Phil Barlow is an independent singer songwriter guitarist from Brisbane, Australia. Receiving airplay for song, "At The Top Of My World" from his solo acoustic EP, "Shades of Grey" and performing regularly in the first half of 2012, Phil's music has had a good first response from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

With a creative process described as "prolific" during a live radio interview, it is no suprise that Phil has expanded to also perform as the Phil Barlow Band to express his rock, reggae and blues styles.

Featured in TIMEOFF magazine in the lead up to the launch of Phil's debut album "Phoenix Rising", the reggae/rock/blues band was well received by a lively crowd in Brisbane's oldest theatre!

Phil Barlow has only just begun his musical journey. With the road his home and music his language Phil is now touring Australia. After featuring on Balcony TV and various local radio interviews and airplay in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and outer Melbourne during his solo road trip, Phil has landed in Melbourne with a new band and plans to dig into the Melbourne music scene for at least a few months.

To him, it is both a passion and a way of life..."Music to me is a fluid art, continually evolving through time as influences change and emotions grow and fade. I believe in unrestricted, honest musical expression in whatever style or form that comes out. I love the honesty of ballads, the freedom of reggae, the soul of blues and the boldness of rock"

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