Phil Barlow CD Releases

Phil Barlow is an independent singer songwriter guitarist from Brisbane, Australia. With a creative process described as "prolific" during a live radio interview, it is no suprise that Phil has expanded to also perform as the Phil Barlow Band to express his rock, reggae and blues styles.

Shades of Gray

Released 14/10/2012

1. Thought I Was Over You
2. Blue Skies Today
3. Like Baby Like Man
4. Free Your Soul
5. At the Top of My World

Phoenix Rising

Released 10/10/2012

1. One Sunny Day
2. Lay With Me
3. On My Own
4. Typical Woman
5. Like a Drug
6. Bad and Lonely
7. Blue Skies Today
8. Passive Aggressive Pain
9. Fight Your Mind
10. Chozen

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