Priscilla Prissou

(Préscillia Samantha Cynthia Betti) born on August 2, 1989 in La Trinité, Alpes-Maritimes, France is a singer, dancer and an actress. She has two sisters, Sandra and Severine.

She was discovered at the age of 11 by the MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) producer Patrick Debord on the show ‘Les droles de petits champions’ (The funny little champions).

Priscilla signed with Jive records and later that year recorded her first single ‘Quand Je Serai Jeune’.(When I am young)

Quand je serai jeune

Cette vie nouvelle (This new life)


In 2003, Priscilla performed at the music hall L'Olympia (The Olympia). The Olympia was Founded in 1888, by Joseph Oller, the creator of the Moulin Rouge. It opened in 1889 as the "Montagnes Russes" but was renamed the Olympia in 1893.

Priscilla Concert at The Olympia

Priscilla à L'Olympia. 2003

She is a popular television personality such as Chante and has released a number of albums and singles.



  • Cette vie nouvelle (This new life) - 04/06/2002
  • Priscilla - 03/12/2002
  • Une fille comme moi (A girl like me) - 03/02/2004
  • Bric ȧ brac - 27/06/2005
  • Casse comme du verre (Break like glass) - 10/12/2007



  • Entre les deux je balance (I balance between the two) - 14/09/2005
  • Mission Kim Possible - 03/04/2006
  • CD Single McDo - 21/05/2008

Mission Kim Possible

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