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The storyline for the movie was set in the early 1930s. Annie is an orphan living in a rundown orphanage run by Miss Hannigan. An opportunity arises when she is invited to spend some time with the wealthy Oliver Warbucks. He and his household fall in love with Annie and Warbucks offer to help find her parents.

The movie was originally release by Columbia Pictures in 1982 with Aileen Quinn as Annie and was based on the Broadway musical 'Annie' which ran from 1977 to 1983. In 1999 Disney filmed a 'made-for-TV movie version', with Alicia Morton appearing as Annie.

Priscilla at the age of 10 was chosen to be the voice of Annie in the french version. Disney released the film that includes the voice-over and the songs of Priscilla Prissou Betti.

Priscilla - Annie - Demain

Patrick Lechat learns that his father, the famous writer Oj Lechat, has died leaving a huge fortune. Albert Moulinot, an eccentric who is the half-brother of OJ lives in the country and survives by bartering is the sole beneficiery. Patrick decides that he must meet Albert.

Priscilla Betti plays Chelsea Lechat in the comedy movie.

Priscilla Betti Audition for Albert est Mechant

Priscilla Betti : Tina Ravel

Sing! Is a French television series created by Jean-Pierre Hasson and Olivier Thiebaut and choreographed by Alexandra Lemoine. It features 104 episodes of 26 minutes each.

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