Tammy was born in 2004 in Rushworth, Waranga Shores in country Victoria. Her favourite singing artist is Katy Perry and Tammy is often heard to sing along with her songs. Apart from sing her other favourite pastimes is reading and drawing. She recently won First Prize in a drawing competition at her school.

Her school work keeps her busy but she always finds time to practise her singing and drawing. She lives with her parents and elder sister who have two large dogs called Bella and Angel. Her family loves animals with five cats named B2, Whitney, Little Buddy, Hamine and Fawny.

Tammy follows in her parents’ footstep in loving animals. Apart from the dogs and cats of the household, she has two bunnies of her own named Jakey and Rabbitude.

Favourite Television Show :

Home and Away, Winners and Losers

Favourite Movie:

Blended with Drew Barrimore and Adam Sandler


Writing, Cooking and playing with her Lego Friends

Favourite Sport:


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