First Arrival of Phoebe in Caveton

The video was created and rendered in DAZ Studio, a free software package available on the internet.


Each frame took about 10 seconds to render.
Not bad considering the render quality of the video. It took many hours of trial and error to achieve this incredible outcome.


The animation can be exported to other software such as Blender, Maya, etc. for embellishment and final render if so desired, but I think this is all that is needed.


The rendered video can be imported into video editing software such as Hitfilm (free) for special effects such as fire, sparks, magic floating lights, etc and other embellishments. Whatever your hearts desire.


We tried a number of alternatives to be disappointed by the laborious methods of character transfer, quality and other problems such as the hair becoming invisible.

Creating Hair Movement

It took a while to work out how to get realistic hair movement. Remember, every strand of hair has to move with the actions of the character.


Of course, all of the rendering was done in DAZ using the tricks of the above video. I may have created too much movement, but that can be corrected easily.

How we produced this video

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